Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Nowadays, mobile phones play a big part in helping us communicate with each other. Some people wonder whether the frequencies and radiation from mobile phones cause health hazards such as cancer.  Actually, the topic of mobile phones causing cancer is controversial.  But, from a scientific standpoint, there is still no strong evidence that using mobile phones causes cancer.  Nevertheless, you may be curious to know more about this topic, this article will explain the subject further.

Cell Phone Radiation Effects on the Brain

Short term phone exposure is not yet proven to cause cancer. However, there is research to suggest that it can change brain activity in ways we don’t understand yet.

Cells in the human brain communicate via electrical impulses. These impulses are possible to observe using a measuring tool called Electroencephalogram (EEG). A study conducted from the Netherlands proved that whenever a dialing cell phone is placed near the ear, the radiation is electrically detected by the brain. But is it harmful?

In this study, 31 healthy female participants were exposed to a mobile phone with 3G connectivity for 15 minutes. After that, their EEG measurements were observed. Cortical Reactivity Increase was present based on the results, suggesting their brain activity had in fact changed.

Evidence gathered from the study proves that the human brain is sensitive to mobile phone radiation. However, we still don’t know what health problems can result from continuous use of cell phones. More research is necessary to provide answers to this question.

Cell Phone Radiation Effects on the Brain

How Much Radiation Does a Cell phone Give Off?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an organization responsible for regulating cell phones, has set radiation standards cell phones should meet at 1.6 watts/kg averaged over 1 gram of tissue. Unfortunately, most phones tested exceeded the minimum amount.

According to the FFC, radiofrequency radiation is a concern because it is known for years that exposure to very high levels of radiation can be harmful, due to its ability to heat biological tissue quickly.

Radiation caused by mobile phones are comparable to how microwaves work, our organs such as the eyes and testes are especially more at risk since there’s no sufficient blood flow to cool them down.

How to Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones

It would be a wise decision to take precautionary steps to minimize radiation exposure while studies are still trying to gather data. Here are some helpful tips to help protect and limit exposure to cell phone radiation.

Limit Body Contact

Phone manufacturing companies don’t recommend carrying your phone against your body at all times. You should try to keep your mobile phone at least a 10mm away from the body.

Avoid Using When Signal is Weak

When cell phones experience low signals, they increase their transmitting power to connect to the nearest cell tower. Your battery drains faster and you experience increased radiation exposure under these conditions.

Limit Cell Phone Calls

If possible, try to limit your cell phone conversations. Using your phone less frequently means you’ll get less exposure to radiation. If you have access to a corded phone, you can alternatively use that instead.


Science hasn’t still proven whether cell phones cause cancer or not. It is natural for us to be concerned about our cell phone usage because we all don’t want to risk our health. To be safe, it would be wise to do precautionary measures and attempt to limit radiation exposure as much as possible, while the ex


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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?